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Driven by the passion for innovation, we at Dr Trust endeavour to provide our customers with the latest medical inventions with an objective to promote good health and wellness all around the world. All the medical devices and health monitors provided by Dr Trust are supported by accurate, latest and ground breaking technologies, innovated at our headquarters in NY, USA. All our products adhere to the most stringent CE and FDA guidelines and are strongly recommended by doctors and health practitioners. Our products are designed in the utmost exemplary ways to ensure that their accuracy and convenience are unrivalled. The ease of their use and operation makes them even more suitable for users of all age groups.

Dr Trust strives to enhance the quality of lifestyle by providing with the most trusted and innovative health care and wellness products. Being a renowned global leader in health care products, Dr Trust ensures that our technically efficient team works dynamically and tirelessly to provide the best of the medical devices to their clients. The products that we have to offer are suitably designed for use at homes, laboratories and hospitals.

Our groundbreaking solutions allow you to monitor your health in the easiest ways possible. In today’s era when all of our lives are too hassled to handle, it becomes a bit difficult to pay attention to our health. But it has now become easier with the coming of the monitoring devices which can be conveniently used at homes and even on the go. Dr Trust brings to you a variety of best self-monitoring devices, trusted and used by Doctors, medical professionals and home users all over the world.

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Dr Trust Usa Pulse
Oximeter 210

$74 USD

Trust Usa Pulse
Oximeter 204

$56 USD

Dr Trust Usa Premium
Luxfoam Tpe Yoga
Exercise Mat 317

$55 USD

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