Dr Trust USA Baby Bottle Warmer 7001


Dr Trust Baby Bottle Warmer quickly warms baby milk bottles and baby food items.  It is a high-performance warmer that gently & quickly heats baby milk & food.


Warms up all types of baby food items safely with preserving all nutrients. It features a new temperature control system to fulfill baby food warming demands with safety and hygiene.


It’s compact size fits easily in a small space. Keep it near to you on a bedside table for easy access during the night. The movable control knob allows you to set the temperature as per your preference.


It heats up baby milk and food without drying. The water filling in its chamber forms steam surrounding baby milk or food item for even and efficient heat transfer.


Versatile enough to warm baby milk & food with sterilizing teething products from harmful germs. Its small size is easy to pack in a small bag or suitcase and take on weekend getaways.

Dr Trust Baby Bottle Warmer – 7001 is designed to take baby feeding to the next level. It warms up baby breast milk, formula milk, cereal, or others easily and quickly. Once you switch it ON, it starts gentle warming. The warmer heats up milk and food evenly without losing nutrients and natural taste. Its small and compact design can be stored easily on a kitchen shelf or countertop bedside for nigh baby feeding. The warmer is easy to use through a rotating knob. An indicator light turns ON and OFF 4-5 times to reach constant temperature. However, for safe operation, you need to add water in its heating chamber to maintain a safe temperature. Breakage of product, water damage and wear and tear excluded from warranty. Warranty covers manufacturing defect in product. Customer need to send product to our service center for repair under warranty.


  1. High performance warmer.
  2. Warms baby milk and food quickly & safely.
  3. Everything is warmed evenly with no cold and hot spots.
  4. Maintains all nutrients.
  5. Small & compact in size to use on the go.
  6. Highest safety and hygiene ensured.
  7. The movable control knob makes it easy to set it as per your preference.


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