Dr Trust USA Baby Bottle Warmer 7001


Customization settings include 9 -level adjustable suction + 2-phase expression pumping. Choose any of them easily from the control panel to make the expressing process comfortable.

Mimics Natural Lactation Cycle

The pump emulates 30 minutes of automatic scientific lactation cycle. It will do 2 minutes massage in starting, then automatically transferred to the 28 minutes milking.

3-in-1 Tiny Electric Pump

It is a 3-in-1 single electric breast pump that includes – a pump body, a storing bottle, and a breast shield. Comes with all needed accessories & ready to use for easy and comfortable expression of milk.

Two Power Source

Choose power source as per your handiness. It has the option to switch to battery power (AA battery) in case you do not want to use the AC power adaptor. Can be used to express milk from one breast at once.

Lightweight, Compact & Robust

Pump body is lightweight at just over 240 g. It is tiny but robust designed to last for months or even a year, depending on your usage. Compact and easy to carry along even at your workplace.

Quick & Quiet Pumping

The pump’s motor allows 430mmhg suction for easy & quick milk pumping. It is extremely quiet, and you can use it without disturbing anybody. You also need not put earplugs when you operate this unit at home.

Safe & Overflow Protection

Free from any harmful substances & resistant to high temperatures. Made up of safe and environment-friendly PP & soft silicone material. Spares and Silicone cup should not be washed or cleaned with hot/lukewarm water. A backflow preventer prevents milk backflow.

Dr Trust presents Electric Breast Pump 6002 for moms who need to express breast milk for later use. It is very convenient to use with built-in features including 2-mode expression pumping, 9-level adjustable suction and simulate the mode of baby sucking. The single breast pump is small, lightweight, and compact with an attached bottle for convenient storage of milk. It has two power options-AA batteries and a direct power supply through an adaptor. Comes with a dual-ring silica gel cup that is designed according to human body engineering to fit perfectly on the nipple and let a smooth suck. It works quietly and quick to assemble. Its lightweight and compact design adjusted easily in a diaper bag or even moms can carry it in their purses wherever they go. It has an anti-backflow closed system to prevent the overflow of milk. It also helps to keep motor protective.


  1. 430 mmHg suction motor
  2. Produces less sound during usage
  3. 9 suction levels + 2-mode expression pumping allow mothers to collect milk more milk comfortably
  4. Less number of attachments are easy to assemble
  5. Offers gentle and comfortable pumping.
  6. Backflow preventer to prevent milk back following.
  7. Dual-ring silica gel cup fits perfectly and express milk smoothly.


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