Dr Trust USA BP Goldline BP Monitor 103

Dr Trust USA Blood Pressure Monitor- Goldline is a talking guide to good health. It is a blessing for visually impaired people who need to make health checks independently. Its talking feature allows you to switch between Hindi and English language. If you do not want to use talking feature, switch to mute mode. On the other hand, different colour readings according to WHO guidelines help in easy detection of blood pressure level. When your BP is normal, the screen displays results with green colour backlight. Yellow colour backlight indicates pre-hypertension while red backlight warns users about extremely high BP condition.


  1. Easy wrapping cuff
  2. Adapter for power supply
  3. Hypertension indicator
  4. Irregular heartbeat detection
  5. Body movement detection
  6. 120 x 2 data saved in memory with date and time
  7. Memory function

Key Features

WHO Three Color Backlight Indications: The display changes color according to your BP. For normal results, the screen color changes to Green. For slightly higher BP, the backlight colour changes to Yellow and in case of extremely high BP, the display becomes Red and alarms about Hypertension.

Dual Talking with Silent Mode: Choose between Hindi and English language to hear your results. It remains completely silent if you have chosen Silent Mode.

Arrhythmia Detection: It also detects pulse irregularities.

Superb Accuracy: Highly advanced fuzzy algorithm technology avoids over pumping and also ensures high accuracy.


ModelGoldline Digital BP Monitor
AccuracySYS/DIA: ±3mmHg
Rated PowerInput AC220V-50/60Hz Output DC6c
Cuff22-42 cm
Memory120 Measurements x 2 Users (SYS, DIA, Pulse)
CuffFits wrist circumference (13.5-21cm)


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