Dr Trust USA MCT Oil


Perfect Blend of Nutrition: It contains Caprylic Acid (C8), Lauric Acid & Capric Acid (C10) which are extremely healthy fats and help your body achieve Ketosis so that body and mind can feel energized quickly.

Extracted from Premium Coconut: The Dr Trust MCT oil is sourced from coconut with no added palm oil. This is natural, odorless and tasteless source that helps to sustained long-lasting energy throughout the day naturally.

Easy to Consume Add it in coffee, shakes, salad, smoothies and other types of beverages for better nourishment by enhances the nutrition value all these items.

100% Natural & Completely Safe Dr Trust MCT Oil is made GMO, dairy and gluten free which makes it 100 % natural and safe to use. It is neutrally flavored and odorless, so the people with very particular tastes can have it easily.

Health Benefits: Dr trust MCT Oil being easily digestible is very effective in increasing body’s metabolism and managing overall weight. It is also known to increase body’s immunity and thereby keeping you healthy. The oil’s anti-inflammatory effects are also one of its benefits along with numerous others.

Portable Packaging It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It comes in portable packaging so that you can mix it easily anytime, anywhere into your food and beverages.

Ketones are vital source of ATP energy which is very important for the movement of muscles. People choose ketogenic diets to allow their bodies to run on ketones rather than glycogen. With keeping all these factors in mind, we have made the Dr Trust MCT Oil as a quality health supplement. Being a health & fitness focused brand, Dr Trust came up with this high-quality MCT oil which is absorbed and transported easily throughout the body. It is a great choice for all those users who choose to go keto. It produces ketones more efficiently and act as an instant source of energy. The oil contains medium chain triglyceride fats, which is easily digestible and can be conveniently converted into ketones. This conversion, known as ketosis, requires the least effort from the liver. Distilled from coconuts, the oil is pure, clean and completely safe for use. It can be added to smoothies, coffee, food items, salads, and soups etc. for easy consumption. Moreover, the oil is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan nourishment and completely safe for both brain and body.

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