Dr Trust USA Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Pleasant fragrance- The original ACV 1912 produces a very pleasant odor. It can be used as a deodorant spray on body and in surroundings by mixing 1 tsp of ACV in a cup of water
  2. Sufficient capacity- Dr Trust original ACV comes in 750 mL of packaging plastic bottle which makes it safe and non toxic for intake
  3. Keeps pests away- Dr Trust ACV is used as a strong deterrent for insects. It is used to repel mosquitoes and fleas off. Mixing 1 cup of ACV in 3 cups of water is the perfect solution for pests
  4. Perfect weedicide- The original ACV being natural, environment friendly, non-toxic and affordable helps in killing garden weeds without causing any harm to other useful plants.
  5. Comes with mother of vinegar- Being 100% natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized Dr Trust ACV comes with the goodness of “mother” of vinegar which gives it a cloudy appearance.

Dr Trust USA The Original ACV is 100% raw, natural, unpasteurized and unfiltered that has the goodness of “Mother” of vinegar. ACV is made by fermentation of the liquid squeezed out by high-quality apples. The process of fermentation is carried out by yeast and bacteria acting on the liquid. Natural ACV rich in enzymes and potassium is really beneficial in more ways than known. It helps in weight management, aids in proper blood circulation and has many more benefits in aspect to skin, hair and body. This 750 mL of goodness has a cloudy appearance which affirms the high quality of unprocessed vinegar.

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