Dr Trust USA AB Blaster Roller Abs Wheel with Knee Mat 311

2 Inches Wide Non-Slip Base

This wheel is ergonomically designed with a single 2 inches dual-textured non-slip wheel. It offers stability and control for well-balanced exercising.

Padded Handles

Its handles are EVA foam padded which prevent slippage and hurting during exercising. They also reduce hand fatigue after improved power transfer in the rear wheel.

Solid & Durable Construction

Made from a combination of TPR + PP + stainless steel + NBR, the wheel’s bearing is strong and sturdy. It supports heavy bodies to lean over for stretching exercises safely.

Lightweight, Compact & Portable

The wheel roller only weighs 450 g and have dimensions 29*18*18*cm. It is compact and extremely lightweight to take along on the go.

High-Density Knee pad

Weighs 70 g and sizes 45*20*1* cm the mat gives an extra edge to your performance. It maximizes the knees’ grip on the floor in order to make exercising safe every time at every place.

Buy the Dr Trust AB Blaster Roller Wheel to make your work out challenging and fun-filled! This handy ab exercise machine helps you to have easy success getting in shape by working out at home. This ab wheel is consisting of a high standard rubber wheel with a padded handle installed in the middle of it. The next cool feature of this beautiful and brilliant machine is that it is easy to install without using any additional device. Its padded handle has a comfortable grip that makes it a piece of perfect workout equipment with proper balance. Moreover, this is the best tool with a well-balanced sturdy design for getting strong and toned abs through an easy workout anytime, anywhere.


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