Dr Trust USA Backrest Pillow 305

  1. Premium quality memory foam: with premium quality memory foam, our cushion offers better support and rebound response it is a perfect backrest cushion
  2. Ergonomic portable 3D design: its ergonomic 3D design makes it a perfect fit for different body sizes and curves it is light weighted, slim and portable to carry along anywhere
  3. Full size back support: l-35cm, b-31cm and thickness-11 cm makes it an ideal size for many users it does not only adjust your back comfortably, but also provides a perfect support for lumbar
  4. Cool ventilation technology: it comes with a detachable breathable cover to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene in all weathers
  5. Adjustable with back strap: back strap helps you to use cushion with different sizes chair easily, it keeps cushion in place when you attached it with office chair, car seat or with others
  6. Durable zipper and strap buckle: it is one among the few top quality cushions that come with durable metal zipper and high quality buckle
  7. Ideal back support partner: you can get a healthy posture during prolonged sitting- home chair, wheelchair and office and during driving, it relives backache and improves blood circulation at back

Dr Trust USA backrest pillow is specially designed for making long hours sittings more comfortable by reducing stress and strain on backbone. It helps in maintaining the perfect sitting posture and recovering from various other back problems. It offers firm support for people looking for an extra comfort during reading, watching TV, resting in bed and driving a car. The pillow can also come handy for many other purposes especially during pregnancy and nursing a small baby. The pillow is widely loved by users for stuffed memory foam, which adjusts easily according to the anatomy of a body. While, its adjustable strap allows you to use and fix it with any size chair anytime, anywhere. Its cover, made up of breathable and anti sweat material is easy to remove and wash.

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