Dr Trust USA Fitness NBR Thick Mat 309

Comfy & Supportive

Fitness lovers love Dr Trust NBR YOGA MAT for comfort and support that it offers them during exercising. It has a double sided texture that gives you the freedom to customize your workout experience as per your need. One side of the mat gives cushioning feeling with extra padding and other side provides sufficient grip to prevent slipping.

Designed For Daily Use

It is known to be one among the best yoga mats for woman and yoga mats for men for daily use. It offers extra grip that is needed to stay in place even after consistent use on daily basis.

Extra Thick and Rebound Resilience

It has a thickness of 12 mm with high rebound resilience quality making it versatile and durable enough for daily use. It offers stable standing and support during stretches throughout yoga and exercise routines.

Great Travel Companion

Weighing 1.1 KG, the mat is made up of fine quality nitrile butadiene (NBR material), a man-made rubber which is extremely lightweight, oil resistant and known for very nice elasticity. You can transport it smoothly from one place to another with you in the provided carry bag as a folding under the arm.

Water Resistant and Easy to Clean

Dr Trust yoga mat with cover is water resistant that makes washing and cleaning of the mat easier. It does not even become slippery when you get sweaty after exercising. Plus, it can be easily washed with soap and water for removing stains or any other oily mess.

Eco-Friendly Design

The mat is environment- friendly. It is free of all toxic, latex and metals, so that you can use it for multi- purposes while it still being good to the environment.

Anti-tearing Property

Excellent anti-tear properties make the mat a great choice for hot yoga and the gym blues. It allows a long-term use with high mechanical strength and effectively prevents early damaging of the mat.

Dr Trust NBR yoga mat supports your exercising and yoga routine anytime, anywhere. This extra thick mat is the best for those who suffer from joints and knee pain as provides great assistance, safety and balance with more cushion when you are working out. It is useful for doing varied king of yoga poses, exercises, and aerobic activities comfortably as it has a textured design with wide surface. Fitness lovers would like the mat because it is non slippery and easy to carry around with its convenient carry bag. It is also useful for outdoor activities like playing, picnic and kids gaming etc. Plus, its non-slippery surface also helps in preventing injuries that can occur especially during difficult yoga and workout poses. You can also use it as a professional pilates mat, meditation mat and fitness mat while practice.

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