Dr Trust USA Fitness Yoga Mat PVC

Extra Support

If comfort and support are your main concerns, the Dr Trust PVC yoga mat is perfect choice as it fulfills all your exercising needs with no discomfort. The mat has maintained a great balance between cushiony support and secure grippiness so good choice for beginners who have less control over body while doing yoga or other exercises.

Perfect Health Partner

The mat gives you full freedom to enjoy your personal yoga space and remain focused in your cardio classes. The mat helps you defining your space during practising in a public space by preventing public intrusion.

Smart Carry Bag

You can use and carry around the mat with style. It comes with a classy carry bag that is well made to hold your mat easily. It has a decent strap that fits well to people with different heights.

Premium Quality 

Our mat is designed specially to make yoga practices more focused and unhindered because of poor quality. It is scratch-proof and stays in good condition even after a regular use for years.

SuperGrippy & Slip-Free 

Whether you are dripping with sweat in hot yoga class or doing a quick 20 minutes workout at home, the mat always remains super grippy and slip-free throughout practice. It is even good for those who are trying different poses as it does not slip.

Shock Absorbing

It provides perfect cushioning with 6mm thickness. It is best solution from trying savasana to the headstand as it provided all the padding you needed to practice variety of poses without compromising stability in all postures.

Water Resistant

The water resistant quality makes our yoga mat long lasting and safe. It absorbs water and you will never feel sliding even with sweaty palms and feet.

Environment Friendly 

Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat is worth considering if you are environment friendly. It is all natural as made up of PVC resin powder which is environment friendly. It is non-toxic and safe to use in different health conditions.

Lightweight and Portable

With 1.3 kg weight, it is light enough and easy to carry around as a folding. You can carry it with you wherever you travel.

If you are looking for a right kind of fitness companion, we promise that you’ll fall in love with Dr Trust PVC Yoga Mat which is one of the best sleek, comfortable and shock absorbing mats available in the market.

It makes incredibly easy to carry and maintain it. This is a premium quality PVC yoga mat which weighs just 1300g, that means it is convenient to carry along for outdoor practice anywhere, anytime. While with 6mm thickness, the mat balances superior padding and providing the right kind of grip during switching between poses. Its extra large size (183 cm long and 61 cm wide) makes it well suited for performing long stretches, pregnancy yoga and other exercises comfortably. Not only this, but Dr Trust yoga mat is best choice for meditation, pilate and for other fitness routines. This mat does not smell and super easy to clean. You can use soapy water to get rid of any greasy mess or any other stain. Moreover, it is worth considering as it is latex and heavy metals free and completely safe for you and environment.

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