Dr Trust USA Health & Fitness Tracker 8001

Extensive Tracking

Keep track of your all-day activities & body composition.  Track under Activity Mode, Sleep Mode, and Heart Rate Mode for deep insight and make changes to boost your health and build healthier habits.

Smart Connectivity

It has Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity. Easily connects to your Android OS (version 4.3 or above) and iOS (version is 7.0 or above) with“JClife” app to synchronize all your health updates on a Bluetooth enabled phone.

Great Smart Features

JClife offers great smart features including phone notifications, personal reminders for a healthy lifestyle, and more. This is incredible as you can set your workout plan with saving the past 30 days of data in memory.

Responsive Display

The tracker unit comes in wristband and TFT screen that displays time, date, and battery status with your body data clearly. It comes with a touchscreen that is very responsive to a gentle touch.

Activity Mode

Track steps, burnt calories, distance, number of steps, active minutes, sleep time, and lots more. Also, know how your activities are impacting your fitness goals. Touch the screen to cycle through each function for complete information.

Heart Rate Mode

This model shows 5 different HR training zones including Warm Up, Fat Burn, Aerobics, and Cardio High, so that you could control your exercise intensity accordingly.

Sleep Mode

Choose sleep mode to track your sleep time and quality. It also allows you to set up an alarm with slight vibrations to wake you up on a set time.

Lightweight & Stylish

It is lightweight and stylish look wise. Sleek design with vibrant display enables you to wear this smart tracker 24/7 hassle-free. It is waterproof You can wear it comfortably on your arm like a watch anytime.

If you are planning to build a healthier lifestyle and do not want much hassle, buy Dr Trust Health & Fitness Tracker- 8001 and stay on top of your health. This tracker is small and lightweight. It makes easy for you to track your daily activities, heart rate and sleep time, etc. it gives you a deep insight into your daily taken steps, calorie burnt, distance walked with detail of other activities. It works with a smartphone (iOS 7.1 & Android 4.4 above, Bluetooth 4.0) and provides you all data accurately to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can charge the fitness tracker with a computer or standard USB power adapter.


  1. TFT Inch Screen
  2. Provides notifications from other apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) on your tracker screen.
  3. Allows Remote Camera Shooting
  4. Wrist sense
  5. 30 days data remain saved with date and time
  6. Displays, time/date/battery with your body data.
  7. Touchscreen functionality
  8. 110mAh Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  9. Records walking distance Max 999.99km, Calories burned Max 9999.9 kcal and activity time 99h59 min.
  10. Waterproof with built-in GPS


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