Dr Trust USA Compressor Nebulizer with Flow Adjuster – 407

Efficient Respiratory Therapy

Built to deliver aerosolized medications directly into the lungs to manage respiratory problems efficiently. It aerosolizes medications into fine particles size of <5.0µm to deliver them directly to the respiratory tract.

Minimal Wastage

Its medication capacity is 8 ml to provide continual nebulization with no wastage of medicine. It delivers effective treatment of asthma, cough, wheezing, respiratory infection, small airway disease etc.

Easy to Use

Its one-button pushing operation system makes easy for everybody to use it. Its hands-free use makes it a great choice for use at home, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities on daily basis

Lightweight & Handy

It is lightweight, compact and portable. Weighing 1.4 kg and sizes 185x169x107 mm, this is best nebulizer for using during travel. Easy carry handle allows comfortable transportation from one place to another.

Low Noise

Ideal for all ages as its sound level is around 60 dBA from 1 m away. While average nebulization rate more than 0.25 ml/min (0.9% saline water). This noise level makes it the best nebulizer for babies.

Elegant & Safe

It has shock resistant ABS Plastic body. Elegant design has reliable compressor for long time performance and anti-vibration feet for full stability during usage. Its body is also safe and easy to clean.

Complete Kit

The nebulizer kit includes nebulization machine, adult & child masks, mouthpiece, 8 ml medicine chamber, air tube, air filter etc.

Buy this, if you are looking for performance and efficiency! Designed for outdoor and in-house uses, The Dr Trust USA Compressor Nebulizer with Flow Adjuster-407 uses compression technology to deliver aerosol medications quickly to the users for effective results. It generates a consistent mist of medication particle size of 5 µm or less for faster results. Being portable and low noise device, this is ideal choice for all age’s patients including fussy children to busy adults who needs treatment during travelling. Its lightweight and easy to carry handle makes this system very easy to carry along during travelling. Moreover, this is a great nebulizer at a great price for faster results.


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