Dr Trust USA Mesh Nebulizer Rechargeable 406

Medical Grade Nebulization

The Dr Trust Mesh Nebulizer 406A is intended to aerosolize prescribed solutions effectively for making their inhalation easy. It uses mesh technology to atomize medications into less than 2.7um size particles so that they can also be inhaled quickly into the lungs.

Rechargeable & Tubeless Design

The nebulizer can also be used even if you have no power supply. It is powered by lithium battery which can be recharged easily with the USB cable. It is cordless and perfect travel companion for all users.

Handheld Design

Sizes 42x55x109 mm and weighs 113 g, the nebulizer is pocket-size, lightweight, easy to carry and operate. It can be used conveniently at home, office or on the go wherever you need it.

Multi-Angle Inhalation

Its automizing cup (capacity of 8 ml liquid) comes with a seal for efficient drug delivery. While maximum inhalation of medication is ensured with minimum wastage anytime, anywhere from any angle.

Safe & Silent

The nebulizer comes with a simple one button for easy operation. Just press button for 3s, the nebulizer will start working. Its noise level is as low as 50 dB and ensures quiet operations.

Suitable for All

The nebulizer can be used with pediatric (>4 years of age) and adult patients in the home, hospital and sub-acute care settings. Choose among mouthpiece, adult mask or child mask for maximum inhalation of medicine.

Effective Breathing Treatment

Provide quick relief from respiratory problems. It treats respiratory tract infection, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders effectively.

  1. Please maintain and clean the device after each time use, especially keeping the electrodes dry and clean at the bottom of the medication cup and the upper side of the main machine.
  2. The mesh is extremely fragile. Please do not clean or touch with cotton swabs, brushes or fingernails! Please clean the medication cup after each time use. Please ensure dust or water does not enter the USB interface
  3. The medication chamber, masks, mesh and wear and tear are not covered in the warranty.

Dr Trust Mesh Nebulizer-406 is a portable drug delivery device that can be used anytime anywhere. The device has a rechargeable battery which makes it usable even if you have no power supply at home or on the go. It administers medication in the form of a mist for the treatment of respiratory disorders effectively. Its automizing cup holds 8 ml of medication to deliver more medication at a time of nebulization. The noise level of this machine remains below 50 dB that makes it a good choice to use night. It comes with two masks (child mask and adult mask) and a mouthpiece and an ideal choice for use in the house with more than one person. Sit well and hold the nebulizer with deep breathing for effective treatment.


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