Dr Trust USA ECG Machine 1201

Patented Electrode Technology

The device is next generation sensor enabled which can be used for directly measuring the electrical activity of the heart as waveforms. The product has FDA clearance for its performance. Its electrodes provide a glimpse of all electrical activities of the heart and perform as accurate as the 12-lead ECG during ECG data recording and result displaying.

One Button Easy Operation

The small and smart design is user-friendly and can be used by anybody conveniently for recording heart data manually. You can take measurements in three different ways including “right index finger-chest’ “left index finger-chest” and left hand-right hand’ methods. If any chosen method display “EE” frequently, you can switch to the other measurement method.

Handheld Design Collects Data Through Fingertips

With 30 g net weight, the device is lightweight and easy to carry around. It collects electrocardiogram data through the touch of a finger. The data can be accessed easily on smart-phone via iBP Monitor app for future reference or periodical analysis.

Get & Store Results Fast

The portable ECG machine is suitable for self-use as well as professional use. It gives ultrafast results just within 30 seconds. It allows you to retrieve data of last 36 measurements in periodical order.

Transfer Measurements Wirelessly

The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) and can be connected with any smartphone or pad easily. Download IBP Monitor App to connect, store and share your ECG data with your doctor or any other designated phone wirelessly.

LCD Displays Results

It is a leadless and battery-powered machine that can give you up to 500 plus measurements with two new coin-type batteries. Large display size indicates the heartbeat syncing, low battery, and Bluetooth connection. It also shows heart rate, time, date and sequence of measurement just after completion of recording.

Heart monitoring has evolved significantly in recent times, so the adoption of portable and easy ECG devices at home and in the physicians’ offices has also increased. Dr Trust Smart Portable ECG Pen is a small & portable device validated by the clinical tests based on MIT-BIH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital) and AHA (American Heart Association) Arrhythmia Database standard. It is clinically accurate and equivalent to 12-lead ECG/ EKG machine which is known to give a highly accurate interpretation for preventing cardiovascular diseases and related risks in early stage. It is suitable for monitoring of heart functions of all family members or an individual user on the go. The handheld design provides the complete cardiac diagnosis just in 30 seconds by the touch of sensors or electrodes. It measures the average heart rate of users and helps in early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Its intelligent design starts monitoring of the heart rhythm automatically quickly and safely. Through Bluetooth connection, users can store, download and share data with the doctor to obtain advice at first hand.


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