Dr Trust USA Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Dental Care 310

  1. High Pressurized Water Flossing: Dr Trust Oral Irrigator uses a high pressure water streams to clean dental floss stocked between the teeth. It exerts40-90 psi (per square inch) water pressure and very powerful in removing bacteria, dental debris, plaque and the teeth stains. The busted water also reach easily to hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and removes food debris from periodontal pockets.
  2. Three Operation Modes: It comes with multiple pressure settings for a customized cleaning. Its control panel includes three pressure operation modes with LED indication. It features three operating modes- normal, soft and pulse to meet varied needs to have strong and healthier teeth. You can resume the water pulsation according to your teeth sensitivity.
  3. Powerful Pulsating Water Delivery: The small device generates 0.6mm ultra-fine single water stream that pulse up to 1400 times per minute to achieve the total mouth wash easily.
  4. Apt Water Storage Capacity: The device can hold 150 ml water, a large enough volume for a longer time use or for multiple flossing sessions. The tank is also easy to fill and clean.
  5. Rechargeable & Cordless Design: Our water flosser is easy to recharge with the provided 1AC/DC adapter. It can be charged fully in 8 hours, while its body is leak proof that makes it more safer to charge and extend life for a long time use.
  6. Waterproof: Our flosser is water proof and can be used or washed under the shower.
  7. 2 Minute Auto Timer & 30 Second Pacer: The device is designed for a limited flossing with a 2 minute timer. It activates after every 30 seconds or a short pause when you move it to floss the other side of the mouth, and when the recommended flossing time is over, the machine will turn itself off.
  8. Compact & Portable: It is a cordless, lightweight, with less number of switches & buttons dental tool which is the best to carry along during traveling. With an on/off switch you can stop it whenever you want to shut off the flosser.
  9. Maximum Protection: Sharp and powerful water supply removes 99.9% bacteria from your mouth especially from hard to reach areas. It is very effective in keeping away bad breath and making your mouth fresh and clean.

Life-threatening bacteria build up inside your mouth and cleaning it every day is essential to keep your gums healthy. However brushing can improve the health of your teeth, but it is not enough. Using Dr Trust Oral Irrigator after brushing daily can significantly help in preventing plaque buildup and improving the overall health of gums. It uses a sharp stream of water to clean pathogens living below the gum line effectively. The small device ( also called a dental water jet, a water pick, dental water toothpick, and teeth flosser) removes 99.9 % plaque. It is more effective than flossing with string and easy to use around dental crowns, braces, and bridges, etc. However to reap all the benefits of this small device you should have to use it daily to remove all the trapped food particles which eventually can lead to advanced gum issues. It is designed to fill and charge easily and always ready to use.


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