Dr Trust USA Paediatric Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter for kids Sp02 check (Blue) 212

Children Pulse Oximeter

Dr Trust Junior Pulse Oximeter- 212 has a nice animal design and bright colour that will be liked by children of all ages. Its chamber fit in a wide range of fingers and makes it a suitable fit for all age groups.

Precise & Accurate Readings with Bar Graph

Our pulse oximeter is clinically tested for accuracy and consistent results. It reflects SPO2, Perfusion Index and Pulse Rate data along with a simple bar graph and waveform in addition to the

Safe & Easy SPO2, PI, PR Results

Non-invasive pulse oximeter is easy to use with a simple press of a button. Its chamber is made of latex-free silicon material and completely safe for getting quick measurements of your SPO2, Pulse Strength etc.

Auto Shut off & Multi-Directional Display

It works with 2 AAA batteries and gets powered off when there is not in use for few seconds. Other features include a multi-directional dual colour OLED display that shows bright and large size results for an easy read.

Compact Portable And Easy to Use

It is a perfect addition for every home that needs SPO2 regular monitoring.You can easily carry it with you for measuring either at home or outdoor. Suitable for use during activities like running, cycling, climbing etc. An alarm warns you when your results cross the set limit.

Dr Trust has especially designed its 212 pulse oximeter for children in animal shape and bright colour! This digital device reflects accurate and precise SPO2 and pulse data in waveform with showcasing the percentage and BPM numbers. It has a built-in dual colour OLED display which shows results and the remaining battery. This digital fingertip pulse oximeter is non-invasive, lightweight, portable and compact. You can carry it along anywhere and easy to use. Just insert your finger in the finger chamber and press the power button to get precise results quickly.  The medical-grade silicone chamber also put up big sizes fingers and suitable for adults use. Other features of it include a multi-directional display, automatic off, Alarm function and a press and hold the power button to do different adjustments as per user convenience. Breakage of a pulse oximeter drops to the floor, water damage, wear, and tear, batteries excluded from the warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects inside the pulse oximeter sensor only. Customer to send pulse oximeter to our service center for repair. Please do not attempt to repair the pulse oximeter yourself /unauthorized repair as this may cause electric shock and will also void the warranty. 


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