Dr Trust USA Premium Fold-able Wheelchair

  1. Manual Wheelchair: This is a manual chair designed to make lives of disabled old age people/patients and other ones much easier when going out. The chair can be moved either by the caregiver by pushing handles on the back of the chair or by patients themselves by moving the wheels forward by hands.
  2. Foldable Lightweight Wheelchair with Seat Belt: Dr Trust Wheelchair features chrome plated steel frames that can be folded easily for convenience and transportation as per your needs. It also features a seat belt for keeping the passenger securely in place.
  3. Armrest To Give Full Support: It features armrests that can be used to rest arms and adjusting seating position safely when transferring.
  4. 24 Inches Rear Wheel: Dr Trust Medical Wheelchair has large 24 inches (diameter) rear wheels for better performance on terrain and rough outdoor surfaces.
  5. Loop-style Manual Brake: Loop-Style manual brake on right-hand side makes easy for users to lock/control or tackle the chair during transfers.
  6. Footrests and Leg-rests: Supportive footrests and leg-rests protect your legs and feet from tangling and help to achieve desired comfort position. Its footplates are made up of aluminum and can be adjusted easily for supporting your entire feet.
  7. PVC Upholstery: The soft coated PVC material is used for upholstery which makes the seat and back supports adjustable and comfortable for everyone.
  8. Durable with 150 Kg Weight Capacity: Designed with an ultra-light aluminum frame, the chair is durable for long time use. It has 150Kg maximum weight capacity.

Dr Trust Fold-able Wheelchair is widely acknowledged in the market for its excellent quality and support. It has been designed to ensure that all users including patients, senior citizens and persons with disability can lead active and independent lives. The wheelchair features premium steel frames, armrests, and elevated leg rests to offer overall comfort and easiness for the patients and senior citizens when they are using it. It is a lightweight, durable and sturdy option with carrying capacity of up to 150 kg. It fits different sizes (shorter and taller than average) bodies nicely and easy to operate (stop and move) through the loop-style manual brake. Patients can also move it around through the large mag wheels when sitting in it.


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