Dr Trust USA Premium Folding Walker with 5 Inches Wheels

Highlighted Features

  1. Premium quality lightweight fold-able walker comes with 5 inches front wheels. It has hand grip for offering extra support for individuals with special functionality needs.
  2. With front wheels it ensures increased mobility. It can be converted easily to a standard walker by changing front wheels setting when need relaxed and stable walking aid option.
  3. Comes with a reciprocal feature in which the user does not require as much strength and balance to maneuver as the standard walker does, because the patient does not have to lift it from the floor.
  4. Easy to fold, transport and store. Made up of anodized aluminum frames which are durable and lightweight. Convenient storage and transportation make easy to use it anytime, anywhere.
  5. Change the height you need your walker to be with one-inch increments. It is a perfect fit for any individual with body weight up to 100 kg and has 8 height adjustable sections.
  6. Allow comfortable & safe walking on a variety of surfaces. All 4 bottoms (2 tips or 2 wheels) are of slip resistant rubber and fall preventive. Before putting weight just place the walker correctly on surface.

Choosing Dr Trust Premium Folding Walker with Wheels opens a new range of walking possibility. It is the best choice as it meets all your mobility needs with no worries. It comes with front wheels and very easy to install with no technical skills. While its adjustable height makes it a perfect fit for all individuals and convenient for carrying along during travelling. Its lightweight and easy folding characteristics solve solves storage chores.


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