Dr Trust USA Walker for Old Age

Highlighted Features

Lightweight & Adjustable Walker

Weighing 2.7 kg, this is a lightweight walker with aluminum folding frames. It is more convenient because of its adjustable height- 76 cm-84 cm and wide size including 55 cm frontal width and 48 cm lateral width.

Fixed to Reciprocal Walker

There is no need to pick the walker for moving ahead with the walker. It takes 2 seconds to convert from fixed-walker to reciprocal walker. You can convert it to the reciprocal walker by changing a clip easily.

Suitable For

The walker is suitable for seniors and adult patients who are unable to walk due to age or any other medical emergency. Its sturdy frames can balance up to 100 kg bodies perfectly.

Sturdy Folding Body

The walker has been made up of premium quality lightweight aluminum frames as most people won’t be having enough strength to pick and move a heavy walker.

Easy to Adjust

The walker can be customized easily for both standard body size and the bariatric user. It can be folded easily with a one-touch button release to make a perfect fit for users of different sizes.

Easy to Move

It is a quick and easy assembly. Comes as a simple folding, anyone can use it for moving forward in any condition.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

It is easy to keep the walker maintained to run longer. You can use a damp cloth or sanitary wipe to clean it on a regular basis.

Are you in the need for a top-notch quality walking support system or a folding walker? In this kind of need, Dr Trust Walker with 100 kg weight capacity could be the right solution. Dr Trust, a trustworthy name in the market has ergonomically designed the walker with added advanced features to offer a full base of support & balance to the needy person. It provides great help for all those people who need assistance to do walking without support from you or any other person. This is made up of premium quality anodized aluminum frames which are durable and lightweight. While its rubber feet facilitate a strong grip on the floor and aids in maintaining a balance with making the journey safe on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, with easy to open and fold design it offers a more relaxed and stable walk for users every time.


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