Dr Trust USA Homedoc Forehead and Ear Thermometer 602

Ear & Forehead Modes

It measures temperature in 1 sec and ensures accuracy with every measurement. It comes with one useful button (power/measure/set button) that gives measurements with a gentle click. Just take off the probe cover for ear temperature measurement hassle-free.

Easy Switch Between °C and °F

It allows the taking of the temperature of the human body with interchangeable temperature units (Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa). Press the Setting button for about 6 seconds until you see the ‘°C’ symbol or the ‘°F’ symbol flicker on the screen, then release the button.

Easy to Read LED

The thermometer uses the colour coded system when comes to body temperature measurement. Its LED display shows results in large size digits that are readable even in dark conditions.

Fever Alarm Function

The thermometer confirms good positioning and accurate measurement with a beep sound. Beep sound alarms when the temperature reaches to the standard level. It can be turned off easily if you want to monitor the temperature of a sleeping baby without waking up.

Colour Coded Results with Memory

Displays green for normal, orange for low fever and red for high fever during the detection. Its memory function helps you recall the last 32 temperature readings to track the trend of body temperature easily.

Beneficial Features

It comes with auto shut-off, large size LED screen and low battery indicator. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the thermometer power-off automatically when not in use.

Portable Design

It is very easy to hold and use the device. It’s all functions triggered by a small click and small and compact for carrying in a pouch during traveling.

Dr Trust Homedoc Ear and Forehead Thermometer designed with the latest IR technology always gives accurate & reliable results if used in accordance with operating instructions. Its probe sensors measure and display the temperature reading in 1 second after calibration. It is made to measure the temperature of all age groups. The thermometer indicates temperature with Green, Orange & Red lights on the LED screen in large size digits. This allows to store and recall up to 32 readings and displays results in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


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