Dr Trust USA Instascan Body Infrared Digital Thermometer 606

Body Contact Measurement

The Dr Trust Instascan Forehead & Ear Thermometer is quick way of calculating body heat. Place the thermometer in contact with the forehead and eardrum to measure the body temperature.

Object Mode

It is useful for measuring room and other objects temperature. Under object mode, keep the probe of the thermometer 3-5 cm away from the items like baby food or bottles and other objects.

Color Changing Display

Color changing screen shows colour coded results as per the level of temperature. Displays green for normal, orange for low fever and red for high fever during the detection.

Fahrenheit or Celsius

Switch easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius according to your convenience. The thermometer allows the taking of the temperature with interchangeable temperature units (Celsius to Fahrenheit).

Fast & Accurate Result in 1 Sec

Excellent performance and high accuracy ensured. The thermometer gives reliable fever results within 1 second at home. It alarms in case of high fever or temperature.

Useful for All

It is suitable for infant, toddler, child, adult, and elder to do body temperature measurements hassle-free. Forehead and ear mode can be chosen according to convenience and need.

Easy to Use & Read

This user-friendly design operates with a simple touch of buttons. It shows measurements in large size digits on the LCD display. The last 20 temperature measurements save easily in memory.

Fever Alarm Function

Beep sound alarms when the temperature reaches to the standard level. It can be turned off easily if you want to monitor the temperature of a sleeping baby without waking up.

Portable & User-Friendly Design

This is a small size portable and easy to carry the device. Its handle with hand grip makes measurements convenient in various situations.


Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the thermometer power off automatically in 30 seconds. This feature also helps to extend the life of the batteries.


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