Dr Trust USA Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 610

Non-Contact Thermometer

This is a gun design thermometer intended to measure temperature without a skin touch. Measures human body and object temperature from 3 – 5 cm (1.2 -2 inches).

Fast & Accurate Measurement Digitally

Give quick, reliable, and accurate results within one second. The thermometer uses infrared temperature detection technology to scan the human body temperature quickly.

Recall Memory & Alarm

The memory records each result automatically and recalls the last 35 values with a simple pressing of the button. Audible alarm alerts if body temperature crosses 38℃ (100.4℉).

Colour Coded Results on Large LCD

Results can be read easily under any light on a large size display backed by 3 colours light. The display will become GREEN for normal temperature, ORANGE for low fever & RED for high fever.

Safe, Portable & Convenient

Handheld thermometer gun with a medical-grade probe is designed for safe and wide usage. The measures body temperature of all age groups & suitable for usage at home, schools, offices etc.


Auto shut down, high-temperature alarm, easy switching between mute & unmute and ℃ or ℉ are some other advanced features for making operations more convenient. Package contains 1 X Thermometer & 1 X User’s manual.

The Dr Trust Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Gun – 610 is a non-contact device designed for measuring body and object temperature from a 3-5 cm distance for the prevention of cross-infection. It has 2 measurement modes (body and object) to do practical and convenient temperature measurements conveniently. It takes only 1 second to show accurate results on a large size LCD display. The display has 3 colours backlight to tell easily about the temperature. If you have a normal temperature, the monitor shows a green colour. The monitor becomes orange when you have low fever and red when you have a high fever. It saves the last 35 results automatically. Unmute settings allow you to get the measurement with the one-touch without affecting the baby’s sleep. A great choice for small kids, children, and adults. Suitable for mass screening at malls, industries, schools, offices and other places.


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