Dr Trust USA Baby & Adult Scale 510

Multipurpose Digital Scale

The scale is a perfect fit for families with multiple kids. The scale enables to weight up to 150 kg. It can be used by all adult family members, baby and kids of different age groups to determine weight at home.

Hold Button

The scale comes with a hold feature to measure the weight of an active baby. This feature helps you to get a correct weight reading even the baby is twitchy or restless.

Tare Button

TARE button switches ON the scale automatically when you step on it or keep your baby on the weighing plate. The scale switches OFF after you step off the scale.

Measures Body Weight Only

In order to display only the weight of your baby, TARE button resets the display of the scale to zero even the weighing plate is placed on it.

Unit Button

Changing the units of weight measurement is easy. The unit button allows you to convert the weight units as per your choice. Switch between kilograms (kg), pounds (lb) and stones (st) weight units to have the precise weight measurements of your child.

Wide LCD display

Results are shown clearly on the 2.6 inches LCD screen. The screen is backed by blue colour backlight to help you read the weight clearly from any angle or direction.

Weighing Tray

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the scale comes with a removable tray which is wide enough to make a baby lying down comfortably.

Handy & Portable

The skid-proof scale is handy to move around the house and easy to store in a small space. It also makes multiple weighing in the same day easier.

Dr Trust USA Grow Buddy Digital Scale is for you (or all the parents) to keep a track of their babies’ growth and development easily. This is the best digital baby scale as it comes with all the needed functions and fancy features. Taking good care of a newborn is very important to maintain a healthy life. The most important factor for parents is to ensure that a baby grows within a healthy weight range. The easiest way to ensure this thing is maintaining a record of weight gain using the baby scale for weighing at home. This is a multi-purpose scale is intended for use on infants, kids, children, mothers and other adult family members with weighing 150 kg maximally. It comes with a detachable plastic scoop platform to weight small or newborn babies while being held by mothers in their hands.


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